Planned Actions

Allows to collect/manage any planned actions related with a bore. There is an ability to attach as many files/documents as you need for each action entry. Action can be archived if it does not makes sense for now, but it can be usefull for historical reasons.

The following data can be also set for each action:

  • Label
  • Person Responsible
  • IOR
  • Est Access Vol
  • Success Probability
  • Job Status
  • Equipment Needed


Well Integrity - Planned Actions

Main Page

Main page with ability to sort by any column, export to excel, show archived actions and search by description.
Well Integrity - Edit Planned Action

Edit Planned Action

Simple form to add/edit planned action. Label, Person Responsible, Job Status and Equipment Needed can be quickly searched or added right from this form.
Well Integrity - Planned Action - Labels Collection


Manage labels, persons responsible, job statuses and equipments needed on separate pages. Abilities on every page: export to excel, sort by any column.