BHP (Bottom Hole Pressure)

Bottom hole pressure is used to represent the sum of all the pressures being exerted at the bottom of the hole. Bottomhole pressure can be estimated during the following activities: Static well, Normal circulation, Rotating head and Circulating a kick out.

The WIT BHP allows to manage bottom hole pressures specific to any bore. There is an ability to attach files/documents for each BHP entry. The following data can be also set on this page:

  • Test Date
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • ShutIn Time
  • Press Surv Type
  • BH Temperature
  • Depth Tool TVDss
  • Pressure at Tool Depth
  • Datum TVDss
  • Pressure Gradient
  • Pressure at Datum


Well Integrity - BHP (Bottom Hole Pressure)

BHP's Page

Main page with ability to sort by any column, export to excel, download attachments and search by comments.
Well Integrity - Edit BHP

Edit BHP

Simple form to add/edit/delete BHP entry. Pressure Surv Type can be quickly searched or added right from this form.
Well Integrity - BHP - Pressure Surv Type


Manage Pressure Surv Type collection on separate page with ability to export to excel.