Daily Production & Injection Data

Operator Tools are optimized for quick adding/editing of daily data. For example, operator can select Drillsite and Date and enter data for all bores without extra pages refreshes. If necessary it is possible to select date range and group data by Well, Bore or Date.

Daily Production & Injection Data page allows to enter the following data:

  • Hours
  • A Pressure
  • B Pressure
  • C Pressure
  • D Pressure
  • WH Temp
  • Tubing Pressure
  • Casing Pressure
  • Choke
  • Inj Mi Vol
  • Inj Wtr Vol
  • Inj Gas Vol
  • Prd Oil Vol
  • Prd Wtr Vol
  • Prd Gas Vol


Operator Tools - Daily Production & Injection Data

Main Page

Allows to sort by any column, export to excel, group by well, bore, date, filter by drillsite, well, bore.
Operator Tools - Edit Daily Production & Injection Entry

Edit Production & Injection Entry

Simple form to edit Production & Injection item. Fields are grouped by sections: Common, Annulus Pressures, Injection, Production and Other.
Operator Tools - Daily Production & Injection - Filter by Drillsite and Group by Date

Filter & Group

Filtering by Drillsite and grouping by Date.